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The following article is an excerpt from the first issue of our newspaper Modulations. Available at this week's Independent Label Market in London alongside the limited edition 12" of Erol Alkan's Tame Impala rework, the free press features music and art recommended by the broad Modular family, interviews with artists Asger Carlson and Hattie Stewart, and plenty more.

In October this year Helsinki duo Shine 2009 released their 2nd album and their first on Modular Recordings, 'Our Nation'. In November Cut Copy released their 4th record, 'Free Your Mind'. Cut Copy invited Shine 2009 to open for them on their European tour so it seemed like an opportune time to introduce the two groups before they spend three weeks on the road together. Glen Goetze from Modular connected Sami Suova of Shine 2009 with Dan Whitford of Cut Copy.

[22/10/13 18:29:11] Glen Goetze: Glen Goetze a ajouté Sami Suova à cette conversation

[22/10/13 18:29:19] Glen Goetze: GUYS
[22/10/13 18:29:36] Sami Suova: hi ya'll
[22/10/13 18:29:38] Glen Goetze: talk to me
[22/10/13 18:30:10] Glen Goetze: Whittleford
[22/10/13 18:30:19] Glen Goetze: Whitfjord
[22/10/13 18:30:27] dan whitford: bro
[22/10/13 18:30:30] dan whitford: hi
[22/10/13 18:30:33] dan whitford: bros
[22/10/13 18:30:39] Sami Suova: hey dan
[22/10/13 18:30:42] dan whitford: hey sami
[22/10/13 18:30:47] dan whitford: was just on another interview call
[22/10/13 18:30:49] dan whitford: done now
[22/10/13 18:30:58] Glen Goetze: tight schedule
[22/10/13 18:31:04] dan whitford: tight as
[22/10/13 18:31:35] Glen Goetze: who's got questions prepared?
[22/10/13 18:31:41] Sami Suova: lol
[22/10/13 18:31:45] Sami Suova: i just woke up
[22/10/13 18:31:57] dan whitford: questions? aaaaah....
[22/10/13 18:31:59] Glen Goetze: ok
[22/10/13 18:32:05] Glen Goetze: where is each of you at?
[22/10/13 18:32:15] dan whitford: nashville
[22/10/13 18:32:16] Sami Suova: i'm in new york now
[22/10/13 18:32:31] dan whitford: was that the first question?
[22/10/13 18:32:35] Glen Goetze: haha
[22/10/13 18:32:36] Sami Suova: that was a good question
[22/10/13 18:32:37] Glen Goetze: not really
[22/10/13 18:32:42] Glen Goetze: call it an icebreaker
[22/10/13 18:33:09] Glen Goetze: how familiar were each of you with the other's music before this joint tour malarky came together?
[22/10/13 18:33:41] dan whitford: I'd been listening to the new shine2009 record for a couple of months

Shine2009_album pack shot_hi res

[22/10/13 18:34:00] dan whitford: Patrik passed it on to me a while ago because he thought I'd like it
[22/10/13 18:34:12] dan whitford: And I really dug it
[22/10/13 18:34:21] dan whitford: which is how the tour came about I think...
[22/10/13 18:34:37] Glen Goetze: what did you like about it?
[22/10/13 18:34:46] Sami Suova: pretty familiar. i mean, the first cut copy album was a huge deal for me back then when it came out. and i actually took it back in rotation last winter when i was trying out if im able to go to the gym
[22/10/13 18:34:50] Sami Suova: worked out pretty well
[22/10/13 18:35:13] dan whitford: haha
[22/10/13 18:35:15] Glen Goetze: how did it go with your workout?
[22/10/13 18:35:21] Sami Suova: pretty good
[22/10/13 18:35:40] Sami Suova: but eventually i stopped working out. not cut copy's fault.
[22/10/13 18:35:49] dan whitford: sorry man
[22/10/13 18:35:55] Sami Suova: haha
[22/10/13 18:35:56] Glen Goetze: you still running Dan?
[22/10/13 18:36:20] dan whitford: mate, I just did a 5k circuit before interviews this morning
[22/10/13 18:36:29] dan whitford: and I saw an eagle eating a squirrel
[22/10/13 18:36:34] dan whitford: in the middle of this park
[22/10/13 18:36:40] Glen Goetze: YES
[22/10/13 18:36:42] Glen Goetze: that's life
[22/10/13 18:36:46] Sami Suova: and i'm very familiar with in ghost colors, too
[22/10/13 18:36:55] Sami Suova: i've got my running gear with me here, too
[22/10/13 18:37:10] dan whitford: maybe it's time to start on in ghost colours?
[22/10/13 18:37:16] dan whitford: might be more exercise friendly?


[22/10/13 18:37:17] Sami Suova: went to mccarren park the other day
[22/10/13 18:37:45] Sami Suova: yeah i probably should do that. so far i've been running without music
[22/10/13 18:38:02] Sami Suova: just the sound of wind in my ears
[22/10/13 18:38:09] Glen Goetze: yeah i'm sans music too
[22/10/13 18:38:14] Glen Goetze: can hear my inner rhythm better
[22/10/13 18:38:22] Sami Suova: that's very much true
[22/10/13 18:38:35] Sami Suova: i think i breathe better without music
[22/10/13 18:39:10] Sami Suova: or something. and am able to keep the pace in control more easily
[22/10/13 18:39:21] Sami Suova: this is amazing material for the piece you're writing
[22/10/13 18:39:46] Glen Goetze: Yeah it's gonna be called "Eagle vs Squirrel"
[22/10/13 18:39:48] dan whitford: can't wait to read it
[22/10/13 18:40:05] Glen Goetze: it's really up to you guys now to determine who is the eagle and who is the squirrel
[22/10/13 18:40:25] dan whitford: I pity the squirrel
[22/10/13 18:40:32] Sami Suova: i can be one of those flying squirrels
[22/10/13 18:40:40] Sami Suova: best of both worlds
[22/10/13 18:40:56] dan whitford: wow... good call
[22/10/13 18:41:09] Glen Goetze: nothing beats the eagle
[22/10/13 18:41:12] Glen Goetze: especially in america
[22/10/13 18:41:32] Sami Suova: but the eagle's stuck in the air man
[22/10/13 18:41:50] Sami Suova: can get boring after a while
[22/10/13 18:42:04] dan whitford: the eagle I saw today was on land though
[22/10/13 18:42:08] Sami Suova: damn...
[22/10/13 18:42:17] Sami Suova: but i bet eagle's don't swim
[22/10/13 18:42:24] Sami Suova: pretty sure about that
[22/10/13 18:42:37] Sami Suova: squirrels embrace the spa culture
[22/10/13 18:42:47] Glen Goetze: here we go, getting Finnish
[22/10/13 18:43:09] Glen Goetze: how often do you sauna Sami?
[22/10/13 18:43:22] Sami Suova: twice a year maybe?
[22/10/13 18:43:27] Sami Suova: not my thing really
[22/10/13 18:43:41] Glen Goetze: what? i thought your record was about national pride?
[22/10/13 18:44:15] Sami Suova: stereotypical finns totally do that
[22/10/13 18:44:33] Sami Suova: but i don't like it that much
[22/10/13 18:44:43] Sami Suova: for some reason. i'd rather just chill
[22/10/13 18:44:54] Glen Goetze: fair call, i can chill
[22/10/13 18:44:59] dan whitford: embrace the cold
[22/10/13 18:45:18] Glen Goetze: if you had to introduce Cut Copy to an important aspect of Finnish culture then, what would it be?
[22/10/13 18:46:45] Sami Suova: i guess summer cottages are pretty finnish and probably my favorite when it comes to our culture


[22/10/13 18:47:13] Sami Suova: getting out of town and going to this small hut, hopefully next to a lake
[22/10/13 18:47:44] dan whitford: how long do you go there for?
[22/10/13 18:47:55] Sami Suova: maybe over a weekend or something
[22/10/13 18:48:23] Sami Suova: some people are spending the whole summer there but it gets boring after a while tbh
[22/10/13 18:49:41] Glen Goetze: Dan what kind of Australian culture can Shine 2009 expect to get introduced to on this tour?
[22/10/13 18:50:10] dan whitford: I imagine they'll be learning about all aspects of australian culture
[22/10/13 18:50:31] Sami Suova: haha. i don't know anything about australia
[22/10/13 18:50:36] dan whitford: from our unique take on modern coffee making...


[22/10/13 18:50:42] dan whitford: to all aspects of our fauna
[22/10/13 18:51:06] dan whitford: to the finer points of australian rules football and the recent trade week
[22/10/13 18:51:16] Sami Suova: cant wait
[22/10/13 18:51:32] dan whitford: It's going to be like an australian masterclass
[22/10/13 18:51:34] Sami Suova: oh hey, I'm really into kimi räikkönen, the finnish formula one driver
[22/10/13 18:51:35] dan whitford: haha
[22/10/13 18:51:40] Sami Suova: that's actually better than summer cottages
[22/10/13 18:51:50] dan whitford: tell me more
[22/10/13 18:51:57] Sami Suova: i can introduce kimi to you guys during the tour
[22/10/13 18:52:04] Sami Suova: he's coold
[22/10/13 18:52:10] dan whitford: in person?
[22/10/13 18:52:11] Glen Goetze: looks like a hearthrob
[22/10/13 18:52:29] Sami Suova: oh i wish i knew him in person
[22/10/13 18:52:42] Sami Suova:
[22/10/13 18:52:43] dan whitford: oh damn
[22/10/13 18:52:58] Sami Suova: he's like unintentional ricky gervais
[22/10/13 18:53:41] dan whitford: oh my god, this guy is awesome!
[22/10/13 18:53:48] Sami Suova: a lil bit of kenny powers there, too
[22/10/13 18:53:57] dan whitford: totally!
[22/10/13 18:54:34] Glen Goetze: is it the Finnish that supposedly have no sense of humour or the Norwegians?
[22/10/13 18:54:44] Sami Suova: hmm, not sure?
[22/10/13 18:54:55] Glen Goetze: I heard this from the Swedes
[22/10/13 18:55:03] dan whitford: I think that was a cue to say something funny
[22/10/13 18:55:54] Sami Suova: i guess finns tend to be on the quiet side
[22/10/13 18:56:07] Sami Suova: but kimi räikkönen proves that to be very funny
[22/10/13 18:56:10] Sami Suova: so it's not us
[22/10/13 18:56:31] Glen Goetze: you guys have already touring in Finland right Dan?
[22/10/13 18:56:39] Glen Goetze: impressions?
[22/10/13 18:56:54] dan whitford: Yeah, I think we've been there 3 or 4 times
[22/10/13 18:57:04] dan whitford: Just to helsinki though I think
[22/10/13 18:57:20] dan whitford: I've only really been there in summer
[22/10/13 18:57:33] dan whitford: so my impression of it is probably a little off
[22/10/13 18:57:34] Sami Suova: m i k k o has supported cut copy on one of your shows i think

Picture 016

[22/10/13 18:57:42] Sami Suova: with his other band, regina
[22/10/13 18:57:56] Sami Suova: (had to write it down like that cos Skype was correcting it to mike)
[22/10/13 18:58:08] Sami Suova: this was in 2005 or something
[22/10/13 18:58:18] dan whitford: but I liked it - sort of small and quaint but neat
[22/10/13 18:58:24] dan whitford: with a cool modern art gallery
[22/10/13 18:58:35] dan whitford: oh really - regina?
[22/10/13 18:58:38] Sami Suova: yas
[22/10/13 18:58:52] dan whitford: really they played with us a few years ago now
[22/10/13 18:59:13] dan whitford: I remember thanking them for playing with us but I mis-pronounced regina
[22/10/13 18:59:23] dan whitford: and it sounded like vagina
[22/10/13 18:59:25] Sami Suova: haha
[22/10/13 18:59:27] Glen Goetze: hahahaha
[22/10/13 18:59:31] Sami Suova: yeah, i've done that too
[22/10/13 18:59:40] dan whitford: my bandmates gave me a lot of shit for that
[22/10/13 18:59:45] Sami Suova: someone was like "is that how it's pronounced...?"
[22/10/13 19:00:08] dan whitford: well I'm glad we cleared that up!
[22/10/13 19:00:23] dan whitford: what's the name of that venue?
[22/10/13 19:00:29] dan whitford: with all the graffiti in the bandroom
[22/10/13 19:00:34] Sami Suova: it's tavastia
[22/10/13 19:00:38] dan whitford: Yes
[22/10/13 19:00:40] dan whitford: !
[22/10/13 19:00:45] dan whitford: we played there a bunch of times
[22/10/13 19:00:55] dan whitford: a few awesome shows actually
[22/10/13 19:01:10] dan whitford: the other funny story from that was when we first went there
[22/10/13 19:01:23] dan whitford: at the end of the show everyone was yelling out for us to play "future"
[22/10/13 19:01:32] dan whitford: and we're like 'no we already played it'
[22/10/13 19:01:37] dan whitford: it was really hot I remember
[22/10/13 19:01:44] dan whitford: and we were exhausted
[22/10/13 19:01:58] dan whitford: then after the show we went back through our setlist and realised we totally forgot to play it
[22/10/13 19:02:03] dan whitford: and it was our single at the time
[22/10/13 19:02:08] Sami Suova: haha
[22/10/13 19:02:18] Glen Goetze: hahaha killed it
[22/10/13 19:02:20] Sami Suova: i thought you ended up playing it twice. would've been cool, too
[22/10/13 19:02:23] dan whitford: spinal tap moment
[22/10/13 19:02:28] dan whitford: haha yeah
[22/10/13 19:02:30] Glen Goetze: classic cutters
[22/10/13 19:02:33] dan whitford: on fire
[22/10/13 19:02:55] dan whitford: just a warning - I have another interview trying to call me right now
[22/10/13 19:03:00] dan whitford: sorry
[22/10/13 19:03:01] Glen Goetze: yeah i figured
[22/10/13 19:03:07] Glen Goetze: if you gotta go you gotta go
[22/10/13 19:03:11] dan whitford: I know we've got some gold out of this
[22/10/13 19:03:24] Glen Goetze: i'll make you look good don't worry
[22/10/13 19:03:30] Glen Goetze: maybe even start some beef
[22/10/13 19:03:34] dan whitford: squirrels, lake houses and vaginas
[22/10/13 19:03:43] Sami Suova: haha
[22/10/13 19:03:46] Sami Suova: don't forget kimi


[22/10/13 19:03:50] Glen Goetze: how could i
[22/10/13 19:03:51] Sami Suova: it'll be a good piece
[22/10/13 19:03:58] dan whitford: I will never forget kimi
[22/10/13 19:04:01] Glen Goetze: alright good talk guys
[22/10/13 19:04:07] Glen Goetze: i look forward to seeing you both soon
[22/10/13 19:04:09] Sami Suova: nice talking to you both
[22/10/13 19:04:14] dan whitford: awesome!l likewise!
[22/10/13 19:04:15] Sami Suova: see you next month dan
[22/10/13 19:04:21] Glen Goetze: we'll get deeper in it in person
[22/10/13 19:04:22] dan whitford: indeed sami - can't wait!
[22/10/13 19:04:27] dan whitford: cool!
[22/10/13 19:04:29] dan whitford: bye
[22/10/13 19:04:32] Glen Goetze: see ya
[22/10/13 19:04:34] Sami Suova: later!

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