Club Modcast #010: Roland Tings

Acyd house lab rat Roland Tings puts an interesting spin on our Modcast series with a set of originals recorded live in Berlin during a roaring thunderstorm. A man hard at work, teasing material that might follow his hot off the press Club Mod EP. You can absorb Junior Boys' Jeremy Greenspan's take on the lead cut Tomita's Basement here. As Juno eloquently puts it "Jeremy gets militaristic with a drum roll-laced remix which seeks to transport you to more cosmic destinations".

Australians will be happy to hear that Roland was announced as part of Meredith's upcoming bush bash this morning while Londoners can look forward to his appearance to ReviveHER's 4th Birthday at Mother on 14 September with Tim Sweeney, Lovefingers and Cos/Mes. Interview and tracklist down below.

You've spent the bulk of this year based in Berlin, yo-yoing around Europe with the live show. What have been the highlights so far, both on and off the field?

Playing at Modular's FOR Festival in Croatia was really great, getting to meet the Oslo Full Pupp crew on home turf was really nice too, Berlin summer is a pretty great time - lots of lake swimming, park bbqing and outdoor dancing.

Is the techno capital informing your new material?

I've definitely found myself more accepting of faster tempos, most Roland stuff previously has been at a pretty sedate tempo around 120BPM and below. I've also started appreciating the power of endless repetition a bit more than I did previously. If you add 1+1 you can see where this is heading, but I'm eager to avoid the classic "move to berlin, make techno" narrative.

The remixes on this Club Mod EP are super tight. They really take your tracks into a new space, Jeremy Greenspan's almost to the point of non-recognition. Was it hard to let go or are you naturally open to others meddling with your parts?

I've been a big fan of both Jeremy and Andrew's work for a long time, they were both the first names that came to mind when it came to remixes so to have them reinterpret my work is really special. Its actually quite a strange feeling, I don't really know what I can compare it to. Its also quite nerve wracking, the idea of someone whose work you admire having a look at the inner workings of your music - seeing the shitty methods and cheap tricks I used.

You're a graphic designer by trade. If you relinquished the responsibility of cover art, who would be your ultimate sub in? I'll even let you resurrect the dead if that helps.


Earlier this year you released a cassette in collaboration with Savage. Who is he? Are you planning to work together again?

Savage is my friend Nathan Savage, we met in 2012 in Berlin, he had a party at his house, I played in the lounge room and the cops shut it down right as i finished my last song. Then the party continued for another 6 hours with no music at all. We started jamming the next day because we still had the PA there - eventually we ended up booking a studio and recording a week worth of live jams. We actually repeated this again in Melbourne in early 2013 - I guess we just have to get around to going over the material again and finding the parts we like, but it only really works when we are in the same city, so who knows.

When can we expect your next release, an LP on Prins Thomas' Internasjonal imprint?

It's in the process of being mixed right now and its hard to say when this is going to be done. Hopefully before the end of the year.

What should we all be listening to after diving into your EP and Modcast?

Moon Wheel's album on Not Not Fun.

The Inconceivable Universe
Island Time
Future Energy
Human Knowledge

August 16, 2013 at 11:52am in modcast



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