Modcast #190: Late Nite Tuff Guy

We're privileged to have the Godfather of Australian Techno Cam Bianchetti, aka HMC, donning the cloak of disco king pin Late Nite Tuff Guy. Under the LNTG alter-ego, Cam puts the oh in disco, the amp in camp and the dang in dangerous, with the most credible edits that are rapidly becoming classics in their own right. Recorded live at the famous Ku De Ta in Bali, this mix is part two of a diptych (download part one here), and showcases the man playing his absolute heart out. Now that he's overcome a fear of flying, European fans will be able to touch his muscles over the next few months at the gigs below. We chat to the legend mid-tour about how he put Adelaide on the dance map in the mid-90s and what contemporary track will stand the test of time in 30 years.

Your respect and demand stretches most corners of the globe, yet you've based your lengthy career in Adelaide. What is it about your hometown that's so gravitating? Have you been tempted to live elsewhere?

I'm always saying that I'd like to live somewhere else in the world, Berlin, Amsterdam, Southern Italy, the list goes on. I'd say the thing that's kept me in Adelaide is the people. More than anything it's my amazing friends and family.

Can you describe the scene (or lack thereof) around you in Adelaide in the early 90s when you were starting out? What was motivating you?

The early 90's scene in Adelaide was really quite amazing. I remember between 91 and 95, a lot of incredible techno music coming out of Detroit, Belgium, and Germany. Heaps of amazing house coming out of Chicago, New York, and London. The music was fresh, the people were excited to go out and hear it. With no internet back then, every time you went out you heard something new. It was very exciting. Of course MUSIC was the thing that motivated me.

I noticed that there are no Italian dates on your current three month European tour. Are you planning to spend any vacation time there?

I was born in Italy, I am still an Italian citizen. I've always wanted to play there but have never been given the opportunity. I have a feeling that this will happen soon. I go there to holiday every time I'm in Europe. Southern Italy (Calabria in particular) is a beautiful part of the world.

Those early Juice Records were underground sensations across Europe and the States. What were the exchanges that took place in order to generate this support and interest? Were there particular champions that were responsible?

In the very early days of Juice Records I remember Jeff Mills expressed interest in releasing one of our early EPs for his 'Axis' imprint. It never came about but we were all so honoured that he liked the music. A few years later our records were being pressed and distributed by Richie Hawtin's Intellinet service. That was a big deal, because now our music was being heard by many more people. Also I owe a lot to Carl Cox who would always play HMC tracks, in fact I only recently saw a clip of him playing 'Phreakin' in one of his Ibiza sets.

Your Late Nite Tuff Guy guise seems to have taken priority over HMC in recent years. Is this a conscious decision?

There is a lot more interest/demand for LNTG. Naturally he takes priority. I still very much enjoy playing as DJHMC and about to play Berghain [Berlin] again and hope to do more gigs in the future.

There are so many undisputed classics in this Ku De Ta mix - Diana Ross, Hall & Oates, Donna Summer, Prince, Aretha. Music that will never get old. How engaged with new music are you and how do you think you'll be looking back on it in 30 years time?

A lot of the music on the mix is around 30 years old. They are timeless, they will still have the same timeless feel in 30 years from now. Those tracks were written by musicians, not DJs! Much of dance music that's recorded today focuses on the production, the latest technical wizardry rather than the song writing/content. Of course those tracks serve their purpose but I would imagine that most of it will be forgotten about, however, there are a few exceptions. A great example of this is Storm Queen's 'Look Right Through'. It's a very well written track, and definitely one of my favourites. It was played by every kind of DJ. Whether you're into House, Disco, or Techno, everyone played it. That says a lot about the track.

What do you think you'd be doing if you didn't get into DJing and producing?

I knew from an early age that my life would somehow be involved with music, I just wasn't sure how. That feeling was very strong in me, I wasn't going to settle for anything else! I had (still have) a massive love for records. At a young age (10 til around 14), my parents used to throw parties all the time, invite all their friends. I remember I would always be beside my parents stereo system playing the records. I wanted to be in charge of the music selection. DJing was not something I chose to do, it happened by accident. I guess it chose me.

With an already enduring career behind you, what does the future hold for LNTG/HMC?

I'm still writing an LNTG LP. I'm hoping to get that finished by the end of the year, but the touring takes up a lot of time so we'll see how that goes. There has been interest from some pretty big international labels for LNTG work which is exciting.

A few years ago I recorded some Electro tracks which I absolutely love. The music was influenced by artists like Drexciya, Kraftwerk, and Model 500. The tracks have an old school, but new school feel to them. This is the next HMC project that I hope to get released soon. I'm also re-releasing the HMC back catalogue. Limited edition vinyl releases, followed by digital.

And of course there will be some new edits in the very near future.


01: Pull Up To The Bumper - DiscoMofo Edit
02: All This Love - Smart Edit
03: Boy U Turn Me - LNTG Rework
04: Baby You Fooled Around - LNTG Rework
05: I'm Goin' Outta My Head - Late Nite Tuff Guy
06: Glow - LNTG Rework
07: Dance Shout - LNTG Rework
08: Need U - Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee
09: Keep The Fire Burning - Revenge Rework
10: Fool - Fingerman Edit
11: Do U Wanna Get Down - LNTG Rework
12: Do I Believe In God - LNTG Rework
13: Jump To The Edit - Disco Boogie Classics
14: Haven't You Heard - Joey Negro Extended Disco Remix
15: Stevie's Black Van - Toast Soundsystem
16: Hold Tite - LNTG Rework

Tour Dates

1 Aug - Bang!, Button Factory, Dublin [IRE]
2 Aug - Glitterbox, BoOom, Ibiza [ES]
9 Aug - Berghain, Berlin [DJ HMC set] [DE]
16 Aug - Running Wild, Brixton, London [UK]
22 Aug - Queen & Disco, Derry [N. IRE]
24 Aug - Disco Deviant, Audio, Brighton [UK]
29 Aug - Underdog, Manchester [UK]
30 Aug - Glitterbox, BoOom, Ibiza [ES]
5 Sep - Djoon, Paris [FR]
7 Sep - Panorama Bar, Berlin [DE]
20 Sep - Glitterbox, BoOom, Ibiza [ES]
23 Sep - Killer Kitsch, Buff Club, Glasgow [UK]
27 Sep- Glitterbox, BoOom, Ibiza [ES]
3 Oct - The Date, Loft Studios, London [UK]
4 Oct - Arcade, Club Up, Amsterdam [NL]

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