Modcast #167: Andras Fox

The human touch with Andras Fox whose spirit fingers orchestrate elevating modern soul for outdoor chilling. Some of the best music going around right now. Andras will perform his tape worn boogie at our Melbourne Music Week party at The Residence, alongside 100 Million Nights, Standish/Carlyon, Shining Bird and Club Mod DJs. Ahead of the action we spent some quality time with the Dam-Funk endorsed producer, talking about his love of cassettes, FM radio and VHS, soundtracked by some deeply resonating house music.

We're still lapping up your Embassy Cafe mini album. Please tell us there's a follow up in the works and that it includes the two unreleased tracks previewed here.

We've recorded a good eight or so new tracks, so once Oscar [Key Sung] is back from the USA we'll do some final vocals and package it all up. Similar deal, a mini album of sorts called Cafe Romantica - you can probably pick up on the running theme. Both the instrumentals in this mix will probably make it on there in some shape or form.

Aside from collaborating with vocalists Oscar and Becky Sui Zhen, your catalogue is instrumental. Do you have any hidden vocal talent?

I can sing, but not so well (or badly) to make it interesting enough to record. I find voices pretty distracting on the most part - dance music doesn't need to tell a story anyway. But perhaps if I pick up an acoustic guitar and write a loner-folk album in my 50s, I'll give it a shot.

You're quite vocal on your 3RRR FM radio show Strange Holiday. What's the show all about? Can you break it down for the uninitiated?

3RRR is a little beacon of good taste here in Melbourne - and has hosted some great shows like Noise In My Head (which was a big inspiration to me). I enjoy collecting records, I enjoy talking about them and I enjoy being part of a little radio community. Strange Holiday is a part of my routine - it's a little 2 hour slot each Sunday where i can take a little trip around what I think is worth listening to.

As a serial record digger, what has been your best musical discovery of 2013?

Crown - Intercession (off the "Panda" 45). I chatted for ages to the good Reverend himself until he could finally rustle up a copy of the record for me to buy. Takes you to heaven on a modern soul elevator!

When are you at your most creative?

When I've got a distraction to tend to - like something in the oven, an open fire etc.

What was the last good book you read?

The Codex Seraphinianus by Luigi Serafini. It's getting a re-print this coming month, as original copies are fetching over $800 and are very rare.

Any films to recommend?

Body Melt, an Australian schlock-horror film directed by Philip Brophy (who was also a part of that Asphyxiation Aussie disco LP).

If you weren't as musically talented as you fortunately are, what would be your alternate line of work?

I'm into fixing stuff, machines - perhaps a mechanic.

The basis of your live performance is a Tascam cassette 4-track, used in cahoots with a Roland Space Echo and keyboard. Why are you so attached to cassette format? Aren't they clunky and undependable?

When they fuck up, they do so in a predicable way. Can't say the same for laptops. They're pretty cheap, give me something that I really have to wrestle and wring the sound out of - they are a challenge. I don't enjoy labelling .wav files on my computer before a set - but i do enjoy rewinding tapes and writing on them with a permanent marker. It sounds raw, it's rough and it's often close to complete catastrophic failure. I think you feel most "live" when you're close to an (ego) death.


Ronald Burrel - In the Summertime
Omar S. - Rewind
Smash Band - Grand Drum
Matt Warren - Bang the Box (Band the 808)
Andras Fox - Everytime I go (instrumental)
Gallifre - Night Beats (House Rhythm)
Jovonn - Construction
Pal Joey - Flight 801
Pal Joey - Love Me Tonight
Benedek - Jmz
Moon B - Vibeduty
Andras Fox - So Glad
Basil Hardhouse - Make Me Dance (Hard for the DJ)

October 31, 2013 at 3:34pm in modcast



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