Modcast #165: Psychemagik's Summer of Love

Masters of soundtracking tropical paradises and lunar escapes, Psychemagik have gained underground and overground notoriety through their globally embraced production work, remixes of Haim, Cutters Records signing Kauf, Bryan Ferry and Azari & III, the Healin' Feelin' edits and multi-directional DJ sets. Following a series of cultish mixtapes that found them digging through dusty bins like coalminers, the duo have embraced more contemporary electronics for us all in the name of love.

The party favourites return down under this December (dates after our Q&A below) and are soon releasing a weirdo disco edits LP with killer contributions from former Modcast stars Mike Simonetti, Eric Duncan and Jacques Renault.

Where are you now and what are you doing?

At the studio doing an edit of a killer turkish disco track.

Very cool to hear Psychemagik fully immersed in modern sound, the flip side of your epic 60s/70s create digger excursions. If you could relive any year which would it be?

1969 in Haight Ashbury would have been a trip.

Your previous mixtapes tell great narratives. Almost like audio books. Does this one have a story?

It's about being in love and getting totally lost in someone.

Describe the most psychedelic experience of your life (non drug-related).

I was in London's west end one morning and dozens of lobsters were falling out of the sky and landing on the street. It was surreal.

You're a well travelled duo. Of all the places you've been, where are the
most adventurous/out there audiences?

They're pretty out there generally, I think our music attracts that, but Californian and Canadian crowds really know how to rip it.

What's the most unlikely place you've uncovered gold on a digging expedition?

In a hotel lobby in Adelaide.

Do you collect anything other than records?

Analogue synths.

What's next for Psychemagik?

We've just signed a monster dance track called 'Black Noir Schwarz' to Crosstown Rebels. We've been playing it out and it seems to have instant dancefloor appeal.

Australian Tour Dates 2013

Fri 6 Dec - Subsonic Music Festival, Barrington Tops, NSW
Sat 7 Dec - New Guernica, Melbourne
Sun 8 Dec - Sets on the Beach, Perth
Fri 13 Dec - TBA, Brisbane
Sat 14 Dec - Picnic Presents The Island, Sydney (tix on sale Thurs 24 Oct)

October 17, 2013 at 1:09pm in modcast



22.08.14 - Paredes de Coura Festival

Porto, Portugal

24.08.14 - Rock En Seine

Paris, France

27.08.14 - Cut Copy

Magnolia, Milan, Italy

28.08.14 - Cut Copy

Zurich Open Air, Opfikon, Switzerland

04.09.14 - Movement

Alhambra Lounge, Brisbane, Australia

05.09.14 - Movement

Northcote Social Club, Melbourne, Australia

06.09.14 - Movement

Newtown Social Club, Sydney, Australia

10.09.14 - Movement

Newtown Social Club, Sydney, Australia

13.09.14 - Cut Copy

Samsung Hall, Manila, Philippines

16.09.14 - Cut Copy

The Republik, Honolulu, HI

20.09.14 - Hellow Festival

Monterrey, Mexico

29.10.14 - The Presets

Danforth, Toronto, ON, Canada

30.10.14 - The Presets

Club Tulipe, Montreal, QC, Canada

02.11.14 - The Presets

930 Club, Washington, DC, USA

04.11.14 - The Presets

Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, GA, USA

05.11.14 - The Presets

Marathon Music Works, Nashville, TN, USA

06.11.14 - The Presets

Tipitina's, New Orleans, LA, USA

08.11.14 - The Presets

Fun Fun Fun Festival, Austin, TX, USA

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