Crate Minds: Canyons

Canyons have surfaced from their studio and are currently putting the finishing touches on their debut album. Stay tuned for more details on that front real soon.

As part of their re-intergration to society, they invited us around while they went through their record collection, showing us some cool cover art and making this mix of said records. Enjoy.

Canyons Crate Minds Mix by modularpeople

Ryan's Selections:

Our buddy Rohan aka Belltowers put us on to this one. Coincidentally he's remixing our next single - 'See Blind Through' and also releasing his debut 12" on our label Hole in the Sky in September. It's a great song with an interesting combination of sounds and a killer vocal.

I bought this in Paris last year. It's everything you ever want to hear from a record - such an amazing mood, the cover says it all! He was apparently the DJ to the stars in Paris, in what was the Paris equivalent to Studio 54 back in the 70's / 80's.

I saw the cover and bought it immediately, the tune turned out to be pretty nice also.

Love the vocal so much on this track, it gets a little cheesy come the chorus but the verse is just so heavy it doesn't matter. Another alluring cover also...

Leo's Selections:

This record was a gift from a very special lady. She got it for me while we were shopping at Permanent Records in LA - they've got a store in Chicago and just opened one in Eagle Rock, LA. This is such a bizarre song - it just goes into this weird drum work out, freaks out and then back into the chorus as if nothing happened.

Saw the cover of this when I was perusing records online and had to give it a listen. It's a reissue by Kindred Spirits, originals are pretty pricey I believe. Great combination of sounds, I love the subtle organ and the driving energy of the repetitive guitar and vocals. Don't really know the story behind it, all I know is the music is goooooooood.

This is from the album 'Cauldron'. It's a great psych album from the golden year of 1968. It's got lots of cool early synths / sound effects etc. Quite sonically experimental, I love the way it's recorded.

This is a really special record. It was released on Olivia Records which was a label set up by a bunch of lesbian feminists to release women's music, give women access to the recording industry as well as train them technically and in other areas of the music industry. All the musicians that played on this song were women and Linda Tillery, the main vocalist also played the drums. The album was engineered and mixed by Sandy Stone, Olivia's in house engineer. This is one of those songs that can always give me the goosebumps. Given that Linda Tillery was an African American, gay woman living in the 70s, you can imagine when she sings about Freedom Time she really means it, and it definitely comes across in the song.

This was one of those rare times (in Australia at least) when I've found a good record in the bargain bin. The weird thing was the guy even had a jazz section in his record store but thought this belonged in the dollar bin. I'll never know why ... It's a beautiful album, and I love the cover - it's kind of absurd but awesome.

1. Jab - What You Wanna Feel
2. The Pretty Things - Baron Saturday
3. Guy Cuevas - Ebony Game
4. L'orchestre Kanaga De Mopti - Kanaga
5. Bo Boss - Tequila
6. Fifty Foot Hose - Rose
7. Linda Tillery - Freedom Time
8. Cyclades - Fire to Desire
9. Pharoah Sanders - Astral Traveling

August 15, 2011 at 2:07pm in crate minds, Canyons



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